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I’m Lindsey, and I help exhausted, frazzled parents teach their little ones how to fall asleep and stay asleep without mom or dad’s help. 
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Sleep Coaching Packages

I offer a variety of sleep packages based upon the amount of sleep support you're looking for. 

Join The Sleep Community

An online forum and community full of resources to help parents get the answers they need to all of their sleep questions.

Sleep Guides

In-depth e-books written by a Pediatric Sleep Coach about everything from sleep training to sleep regressions, struggles, schedules and more. There is a sleep guide for every age.

Struggling with bedtime with your toddler?

Download my FREE Toddler Bedtime Routine Guide – a 7-page in-depth guide to creating a bedtime routine that works!

Toddler Bedtime Routine Guide

Let me help get everyone back to sleep with this 7-page guide that works!


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