Hey there! My name is Lindsey Hennigar, and I’m a certified pediatric sleep coach. 

I’m going to make some assumptions about you, mama:

  1. You’re exhausted. You have an infant or toddler who just won’t sleep, and it’s starting to make you a little loony. 
  2. You’re frustrated. You’ve tried seemingly everything to get your babe to ditch the sleep crutches and get on a schedule, but nothing seems to work. 
  3. You’re desperate. You’d try just about anything to get your baby to take a long nap or sleep through the night. 

 How do I know how you feel? Because I’ve been there!  

My first daughter flat out refused to sleep without being nursed. At 6 months, she was waking every two-three hours. I was frazzled, lonely, and depressed, and my daughter was over-tired and cranky. The worst part? I saw my friends enjoying motherhood while I was suffering in silence. 

I felt like a total failure. 

All of that changed, though, when I hired a consultant who taught me how to get Bella on an age appropriate sleep schedule. In one week, we saw life-changing improvements that literally transformed my husband and I into well-rested, happy parents and our daughter into a thriving, joyful baby.

Once I learned the secrets to helping babies and toddlers get the restorative sleep they need, I knew I had found my passion. In 2017, I became a Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach. I have helped thousands of families (worldwide!) teach their young children how to fall asleep and stay asleep without mom or dad’s help

I’ve come a long way since those hard nights with Bella. I now have three beautiful daughters, and thanks to what I’ve learned, they all sleep like little princesses. 

When I’m not helping families sleep, you can find me indulging in a glass of Shiraz while binge-watching a juicy Netflix series (Paw Patrol + coffee if my daughters are in the room …) or learning to be a true farm-hand on our cattle ranch. Hence the name, The Sleep Ranch!

If you’re struggling right now, hang in there; you aren’t alone and there is help. And if you’re ready to finally help your little one get the rest he or she needs, let’s chat!




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