Hey there! I’m Lindsey, owner of The Sleep Ranch.

I work with parents who craaa-ave more sleep in their households! I give parents the tools to deal with their children’s sleep issues, which will, in turn, get their children on a healthy sleep schedule. Sounds absolutely beautiful…doesn’t it?

I’m a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant, which means I sleep coach young children. I am here to coach you how to teach your children how to get healthy restorative sleep by using my own sleep-deprived experiences with my young children, my obsession with learning how sleep works in babies/children and my certification through The Family Sleep Institute.

Three years ago our first daughter was born, and life has never been the same. Pre Isabella, I never really put much thought into baby sleep. Fast forward 6 months and Bella was still needing to be nursed to sleep, waking every 2-3 hours throughout the night and was having insanely short naps. I wasn’t enjoying motherhood AT ALL. I was exhausted, I was depressed, I was frazzled, and I felt like there was nowhere to turn. Then one day at a check-up, a nurse recommend I hire a sleep consultant. I had NO idea what a "sleep consultant" was, but after research, I decided to go ahead and hire one...

...and she changed my life, changed my husband’s life, changed my daughter’s life, and subsequently changed my next daughter’s life as well. My baby was actually sleeping- which meant I was sleeping too.

I was fascinated by my experience- literally. It was when friends began coming to me for advice for their children that I began to pursue my passion and took my fascination to the next level. It’s an amazing feeling helping families become better rested within a few weeks.

When I’m not sleep consulting with families worldwide I can be found: binge-watching a juicy Netflix series (or Paw Patrol with my daughter….over and over and over), learning to be a ‘true farm hand' (don’t get me started on how calves are insanely cute), spending money at the fabric store (good thing my husband doesn’t read this), and indulging in the occasional bottle, I mean glass, of Shiraz.

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