There are so many products on the market out there that claim ‘this product will get your baby 8 hours of sleep!!!’. Ya right. I know, as a once sleep deprived Mom, that they have awesome marketing skills as you are willing to try ANYTHING to get Baby to sleep. So folks, here’s a list of my tried and tested sleep products. Enjoy!


ergoPouch make natural fiber, premium, ergonomically designed sleepwear and sleep solutions for babies and kids that are TOG-rated for warmth. This sleepwear takes the guesswork out of dressing your child safely for sleep, no matter the temperature.Not only is it affordable but it is great for year-round use.

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Blackout EZ Curtains

I'm still using these in my girls' rooms and lemme tell ya...they are the best blackout blinds I have ever used! You want to ensure your child's room is BLACK for sleep times as this helps their body produce melatonin aka the sleep hormone. This is a great long term, affordable option to do just that!  They also keep out heat and cold- handy!

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MELLA - Toddler Clock

Finally something for the big kids! My two older girls (3 and 5) would call out "is it time to get up yet?!" every morning. Since they are too young to tell the time, a normal clock wouldn't do the trick. This handy little clocks turns green when it's GO TIME (time to put mom to work). I have it set to turn yellow 30 minutes before it's time to get up and they know they have to play quietly in their rooms until they get the green night light. 

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Merlin Magic Sleepsuit

The APP suggests we always place baby on their back for all sleep for the first year of life. Often times, babies will roll from tummy to back, then get stuck on their tummy. This is a great product to help keep baby on their back for sleep so they don't get stuck on their tummy.

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SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine

Sleep coach falls in love with sound machine!! I tried this machine in my own room and was hesitant to pass it up to my kids because I loved it THAT much! Using the SNOOZ app  (compatible with IOS and Android) has the capability to do a nursery calibration to ensure the volume is not too loud. 5-star review from me!

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Woolino Sleep Sack

No need to worry about TOG ratings with this sleep sack! I also used this 4 season sleep sack  from the time my girls outgrew their swaddles until I transitioned them to big girl beds (3 years old). It’s made out of merino wool so it regulates their body temps- keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

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Sleepout Portable Blackout Curtain

The portable blackout curtain that completely darkens a room and installs anywhere. Perfect for at home and travelling.

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The Embe Swaddle

If you're anything like me - you've realized the art of swaddling takes practice to really get perfect. This product makes swaddling easy and ensures your baby feels snug, cozy and safe to help maximize sleep in the early months. This swaddle received the Hip Healthy Designation From International Hip Dysplasia Institute!

Bonus - The product will make the transition from swaddle to sleep sack easy as you can do one-arm-out!

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The only thing I can say about this: it is a game changer for travelling!! Nothing is worse than travelling with a baby who won't sleep, trust me, I know this all too well. This is the perfect tool to give your baby their own sleep area when in hotels, campers, etc.

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Night Light

Have a kiddo that's scared of the dark? A night light can make bedtime a lot calmer. I use this exact night light with my girls because 1.) The warm hue is perf for sleep (want an orange or red hue rather than blue or white) and 2.) it's not too bright.

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Yogasleep White Noise Machine

3 reasons I love this product: 1.) It’s not ridiculously expensive. 2.) It gets loud making it great for a large room. 3.) The Rohm is awesome for travel! Make sure to read my blog post on white noise for more tips.

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Wyze Cam

I've gone through a handful of baby monitors with my 3 girlies, and I have to say that the Wyze Cam is my all time fav. It's affordable, you can use multiple cameras (for different rooms), it has play back, and you can see how your baby is sleeping even when you aren't home! 

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I believe every parent/caregiver should be trained in CPR, AED and First Aid. This 30-45 minute course targets:

  • When to perform CPR and the proper steps to do so.
  • What to do when an infant, child, or adult is choking.
  • What to do when someone is drowning.

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Solly Baby

Baby wearing has many benefits for baby AND mom (especially during the 4th trimester). Not only does it free up your hands but it also makes naps on the go a breeze. I often wonder why moms were not created with 4 arms (or more!).

Get your Solly Baby Wrap

4moms Bassinet

The 4moms bassinet is the bee's knees when it comes to bassinets. The goal of the first 4 months is to recreate the womb- and babies LOVE movement for sleep. This bassinet meets all the requirements for safe sleep and can help HUGE with newborn sleep.  If you're going to splurge on any sort of baby gear- have this be it!

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Bedtime Behavior Rewards Chart

The Bedtime Rules Behavior Chart is an easy to follow chart, with picture cues (great for non-readers), that walks your child through the bedtime routine and sleep rules.


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** This page does include affiliate links, which doesn't cost you anything to use, but does throw some extra $ my way. They do not affect my opinion of the products, I only share what I genuinely love!


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